UV Printing

UV Printing UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to cure ink as it is printed. Originally developed for quickly drying gel nail polishes during manicures, ultraviolet light applications quickly expanded into industrial and commercial markets.         Because the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately, the dots of wet ink [...]
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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors gallery Doors and screens Glass sliding doors and privacy screens have become extremely popular. However there are areas that require privacy, to obscure direct viewing of interiors or areas behind the glass. Printed Glass doors and privacy screens allows you to keep the modern look and feel, by using the glass medium but [...]
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Why people choose custom design kitchen backsplash: Limitless design options and a sample for review before placing an order We are doing DIRECT Digital printing on glass We can do each and every necessary cutout for existing outlets, light switch holes, plumbing fixtures etc Custom Design Kitchen Backsplash is designed to be used at temperatures up to 470° Fahrenheit without [...]
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DIY Kitchen Backsplash A custom painted or printed backsplash measured and installed by you, fabricated and delivered by us. It’s a great and a budget option if you enjoy doing things yourself and are ready for a backsplash project. Our digitally printed glass backsplashes are made from heat and scratch-resistant, 1/4” thick low-iron tempered glass [...]
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Frameless picture on a glass

Frameless picture on a glass A canvas is a natural material that radiates warmth. Adding an image of you dear people increases the value of the gift significantly. Our hardware allows to apply high-quality color image on a natural canvas, and the picture lasts for many years. Make the present that touches people’s hearts and [...]
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shower door and shower wall

The shower door and shower wall Shower door & wall gallery Remodeling a bathroom has been shown to provide an excellent return on investment for resale or personal enjoyment. Adding or upgrading frameless shower door and shower wall is one of the best bathroom upgrades you can make. The shower wall glass is extremely strong, [...]
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Office dividers

Office partitions for a long time have been used as an essential part of any commercial space. An Individual design and an architectural embodiment allow the office to find the character. Today, designers and architects cooperate with our company and consider us a reliable partner for future ideas. Office dividers gallery
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tempered glass backsplash

There are many options to choose from when it comes to glass kitchen backsplash. So what makes a tempered glass backsplash a perfect choice? Here is a list of major benefits of tempered glass kitchen backsplash over the regular glass and other materials you should consider when starting a kitchen project. What is a tempered [...]
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