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Glass sliding doors and privacy screens have become extremely popular. However there are areas that require privacy, to obscure direct viewing of interiors or areas behind the glass. Printed Glass doors and privacy screens allows you to keep the modern look and feel, by using the glass medium but prevents others from seeing your activities.We also offer printing on a closet sliding doors. It’s an exclusive and stylish solution for your apartment or house! Wardrobes with a high-quality photo print will not only complement a room interior, but will rather attract everybody’s attention and create unique atmosphere in the room. Printed closet doors adds something special to any room in a house or apartment: entrance hall, living room, bedroom and kids’ room etc.There are a variety of images and photos to help you find a perfect solution for any interior style such as: office, kids’ room, classic or luxury decor. You can use your own photos to memorize those unforgettable moments of your life and make any house feel like home.In order to print on a closet sliding doors, we need to use high-quality pictures, that is, images should be in a Doors and screens

Stained glass stained Glass

Provide us with a size of the glass required. Provide us with an image you wish to use.If you are not sure of which image will work best for your place, we will work with you to help you choose a suitable image for printing.Impress your family, friends and colleagues with a unique print on glass. You are limited only by your imagination.Office dividers Office partitions for a long time have been used as an essential part of any commercial space. An Individual design and an architectural embodiment allow the office to find the character.office dividers office dividers Today, well known designers and architects cooperate with our company and consider us a reliable partner for future ideas.We print not only on uninstalled partition panels and glass filling, but also on already installed.office dividers office dividers Stained glass made by printing.
In our time, to order stained glass, it is not necessary to be wealthy heir to an ancient aristocratic family. Simply contact Interior Decor NY Inc. and order a stained glass window made by printing. Our experts will describe in detail about the range of products, features and variations of stained images.Creation of stained glass composition is a complex technical process which is a unique art creation. We apply printing method to windows, doors, stained glass ceiling and stained glass windows, walls, niches, boxes or any other item for an interior decoration. Stained glass windows are suitable for home or commercial space such as: offices, shops and beauty salons, etc.

stained glass stained glass

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